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Static suppression products for
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What does Ionix Gas Technologies do?

Ionix Gas Technologies has a comprehensive suite of lab tested and industry proven products to eliminate static on internal and external gas pipe surfaces. This technology can be deployed in gas production, gathering, processing and distribution operations.

What causes static inside plastic pipe?

Static is generated by the passage of a gas inside a pipe. The friction resulting from this gas movement causes static inside the pipe. This static also induces a static charge on the outside of the pipe. Our products eliminate any static present on the inside of a pipe and prevent any further generation of static inside the pipe.

Why is eliminating static in plastic pipe gas (and metal) systems so important?

Static is the ignition source for all fires and explosions at a gas leak when no identified ignition source is present. The number of gas fires and explosions currently experienced can be drastically reduced if pipeline static is eliminated.

Who is Ionix Gas Technologies?

This technology was originally developed about 20 years ago for the printing industry where it is widely used. It is also used in other industries needing surface static suppression such as plastic fabricating, auto painting, wood finishing and product finishing operations and sold throughout the world.

Ionix Gas Technologies provides you with industry research on static

Our site contains virtually all of the industry research on static electricity for the gas distribution industry done in the last 25 years. Click the Gas Industry Research tab for more information.

How we can eliminate static for you - For more information on products for specific applications, please click on the left sidebar at the appropriate link.

"Static Electricity in PE Plastic Fuel Gas Pipe - Hazards and Control"

A comprehensive explanation of static in plastic gas pipe. Click here for the YouTube link.

If YouTube is blocked at your location, you can left click on the link below and the video will play on a Windows PC or you can right click and download to your PC. StaticElectricityVideo

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