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Ionix Aerosol Static Suppressor Reach Tool

The IGT Reach Tool allows your workers to apply our state of the art antistat AT A SAFE DISTANCE and eliminate any dangerous static that might ignite in their presence

Just put 1 tool on each truck

The key to reducing injuries from static ignitions is to dissipate the static BEFORE your workers approach the pipe to work on it. The IGT Aerosol Reach Tool allows workers to dissipate static from a safe distance. You can use the Reach Tool in ANY operation you want to dissipate static while keeping workers at a safe distance.



Using the IGT Reach Tool the Aerosol can reach any surface to dissipate static. It can spray sideways and upside down.



It's easy to visually determine if static is gone. If the surface is blue there's no static.


The IGT Reach Tool Pole extends 8' from its 4' collapsed size. It is electrically non-conductive so it isolates the static from a potential grounding. It allows your worker to be far enough away that if an ignition would occur it would not affect him.


How to get started:


If you are not currently using our IGT Aerosol, you can buy a kit for each truck which includes the IGT Reach Tool, Pole and 1 can of IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor. You can buy a kit with either the regular formulation of IGT Aerosol (for warmer climates where the need to spray below 32F is rare) or our low temp formulation of IGT Aerosol (which sprays to -20F).


If you currently using IGT Aerosol, just buy a Tool and Pole.



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