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About Ionix Gas Technologies

Ionix Gas Technologies was started in 1994 to utilize a new static elimination technology invented by Ionix Technologies. That technology allowed static electricity in air or gas lines to be suppressed without the use of high voltages or nuclear material. This technology has been deployed in the printing, plastics, product finishing, wood finishing and auto body repair industries.


IGT has developed its products in response to the specific needs of customers tranporting natural gas. We continue to use our expertise in static suppression to engineer new solutions. Please call us for applications for which you do not see a solution.


  • This site has research reports done on static in PE pipe to help you understand your static issues. Please click the Research tab on the left. We also include educational videos on the site. Please click the Video tab on the left.
  • Dirk Smith regularly speaks on static in PE pipe to gas associations and regulators in order to increase the understanding of static in PE pipe. Please email us if you would like to inquire if this class material would be beneficial to your organization. Contact information is available by clicking the Contact tab on the left.