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IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor

IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor is now used by over 50% of the local gas distribtion companies in the US. It provides faster and more versatile static suppression than any other method of static suppression for any gas operations.

IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor

IGT Aerosol Benefits

Why IGT Aerosol is a superior static dissipation procedure to soapy burlap or plastic film

Ionix Aerosol is less expensive to use. Soapy burlap and plastic film need to be hand applied. The cost of labor to wrap the pipe with these products is expensive. When you take into account the cost of the labor to properly apply burlap/rags you realize hand wrapping is not inexpensive. With Ionix Aerosol Static Suppressor you point and spray. Any pipe surface wet with Ionix is immediately static free.

Ionix Aerosol is more effective. Soapy burlap IS NOT a static eliminator. It conducts the static electricity charge to the ground but doesn’t dissipate the charge on contact. If the soapy water dries out or misses a spot, it cannot conduct the static charge away and the static charge remains. If the burlap does not have a good contact with ground, it will not conduct away the charge. Ionix Aerosol Static Suppressor IS an anti-stat. It does not need to be grounded to be effective. When sprayed on a surface, it immediately dissipates any static charge present without grounding. It does not need to be kept wet. It will continue to dissipate any static charge even after it dries – until it is washed off the surface with water.

Ionix Aerosol is an easier to use safety procedure. Soapy burlap is not clean or easy. Users often do not want to take the time to use it – especially in colder weather. No safety procedure is effective if users find it inconvenient to use. No more carrying around all the water, burlap and soap. Ionix Aerosol Static Suppressor makes it easy for users to be safe! Just point and spray.

Ionix Aerosol Static Suppressor is available in 2 formulations. The Regular Formulation will spray to 32F (freezing). The Low Temperature Formulation will spray to -20F. Other than the minimum spray temperatures, there is no difference in the use of the product.

Ionix Aerosol will not affect PE pipe or electro or butt fusing operations. Ionix Aerosol is water based and contains no reactive chemicals. It cannot react with PE. To prep surfaces for fusing, simply wash off with water. Ionix is specifically formulated for natural gas operations. Unlike other aerosols and anti stats, Ionix Aerosol contains NO flammable, hazardous or environmentally harmful materials. We do not use propane as a propellant like most aerosols.

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60 second demonstration of our Aerosol's effectiveness

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IGT Aerosol was tested by Gas Technology's Testing Lab

IGT Aerosol Static Supppressor was tested by GTI's Testing Lab. They determined our Aerosol does not affect PE, does not affect fusing and is as effective as wet rags in eliminating static.

For a copy of the report to download, CLICK HERE.

IGT Aerosol Procedure for Use

For the current IGT Aerosol Procedure for Use sheet, CLICK HERE

IGT Aerosol OQ Training Video

For the current IGT Aerosol OQ Training video CLICK HERE

IGT Aerosol Suggested Static Suppression Procedures

For a list of suggested static suppression procedures CLICK HERE

IGT Aerosol SDS sheets

For IGT Aerosol Regular Temp formulation SDS CLICK HERE.

For IGT Aerosol Low Temp formulation SDS CLICK HERE.

IGT Aerosol Reach Tool and Pole

The IGT Aerosol Reach Tool and Pole is designed to allow static suppression at a safe distance. If you have procedures that 1. either require a fire suit or 2. prohibit workers from entering an excavation then you should consider using the IGT Aerosol Reach Tool.

Unlike wet rags, the IGT Aerosol Reach Tool allows workers to dissipate static in potentially explosive situations from a safe distance. The Reach Tool holds the Aerosol and the string pull cord triggers the spraying of the Aerosol. The optional non-electrically conductive pole extends to 8' allowing the worker to keep at a safe distance when dissipating static.

While the picture shows the IGT Reach Tool and Pole together, they are sold individually.

IGT Aerosol REach Took

IGT Aerosol for purging and repair operations

The IGT Aerosol is availble for spraying INSIDE a pipe for temporary INTERNAL static suppression. Static builds up inside pipe especially at the opening of a purge pipe. By spraying IGT Aerosol inside the pipe being purged upstream where purging begins will greatly reduce the possibility of a static ignition.

IGT Purging Aerosol is equipped with a short hose and thread connector. It is designed to attach to a sprayer rod like in the picture. The sprayer rod is inserted in the pipe through an electrofusion tap within a Surtap housing. The operator fuses a GF Plastics Verstap to the pipe, taps the pipe and retracts the tool closing the pancake valve. The operator then removes the tapping tool and attaches the Surtap with our sprayer rod. The operator opens the panckae valve, lowers the sprayer rod into the pipe, and depressed the IGT Aerosol delivering our antistat spray into the purging air flow to be carreid downstream to exit.

This can also be employed to dissipate static in repair operations where you want to eliminator interior static. Just fuse the fitting upstream of work.

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IGT Aerosol Purging Kit