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IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor Purging Kit

For temporary internal static suppression during purging PE pipelines or for use in repair of pipelines in O&M operations

Technical background

Purging pipelines or blowing gas lines create static inside the pipe because of the flow of high speed gas inside the pipe. This static can ignite a gaseous mixture. By treating the gas flow inside the pipe with our IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor, you suppress any static present inside the piping our Aerosol Static Suppressor spray contacts from the point of introduction to the point of exit to reduce the possibility of a static induced ignition for a temporary time until the pipe is purged or repaired.

Major gas explosion incidents have occurred during purging operations

Static generated during purging has been the cause of several high visibility gas explosions in the US. After the Kleen Energy explosion, the US Chemical Safety Board who had jurisdiction of the incident, issued an urgent recommendation to ban gas purging.

Click here to view the report

Purging or free flowing (broken) gas lines can create pinhole leaks

Purging and free flowing gas has been proven to cause electrostatic pinhole leaks. The friction of the passing gas creates static on the inside wall of the PE pipe. This static then arcs through the pipe wall creating an electrostatic leak. By introducing IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor inside the pipe you can prevent downstream pinholing until purging or repair operations are complete.

The IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor for temporary internal static suppression

This is the same proven IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor used for external static suppression throughout the LDC industry. The IGT Aerosol for Purging utilitzes Central Plastics Versatap and Surtap. Using the Versatap tapping system, you create access to the interior of the pipe. Then you use Central Plastics Surtap modified with the IGT Aerosol Sprayer Rod in it. Just attach the Surtap/IGTSprayer rod to the Versatap and after opening the pancake valve and inserting the rod into the gas stream, you can easily spray our IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor INSIDE pipe which is carried off in the gas flow onto the pipe walls during purging or O&M operations.

How to use the IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor for temporary internal static suppression during purging or O&M repairs.

1. Fuse a Central Plastics Versatap electrofuson fitting UPSTREAM on the pipe you want to suppress internal static electricity following Central Plastics instructions. Remember there will be NO internal static suppression upstream of where IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor is sprayed into the gas stream. Click here for Central Plastics Verstap/Surtap Instructions.

2. After fusing the Versatap fitting, spray IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor into the fused fitting.

3. Tap the pipe according to Central Plastics instructions.

4. Once the tap is completed, replace the Surtap with the IGT Sprayer Rod Surtap. Spray the rod with IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor before inserting into fusing.

IGT Aerosol Purging KitSurtap fitting for IGT Purging Kit

5. Open the pancake valve. Push down sprayer rod inserting into gas stream. Orient the sprayer head facing downstream in the gas stream. Thread the IGT Aerosol Purging hose on to the sprayer rod.

6. Open the valve on the top of the sprayer rod.
7. Depress Aerosol button until can is empty. Repeat until IGT blue tinted fluid appears at pipe opening.
8. When spraying completed, close valve on top of sprayer rod.
9. Unthread hose from sprayer.
10. Carefully retract the sprayer rod to the point the pancake valve can be closed.
11. Follow Central Plastics Instruction for removing Surtap and plugging tap.

The IGT Aerosol can and hose assembly are rated to 150psi. Use only in pipe at pressures under 100 psi. IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor will dissipate static present in any metal or plastic pipe the Aerosol spray comes in contact. Metal pipe has no detrimental effect on the static suppression properties of IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor.

Dispose of empty aerosol cans per your company’s policies. IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor contains NO hazardous materials and can be disposed in recycled waste.

IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor has been lab tested by the Gas Technology Institute Testing Lab and shown:
1. IGT Aerosol does NOT affect PE pipe.
2. IGT Aerosol does NOT affect fusing.
3. IGT Aerosol is effective in dissipating static on PE pipe.

Click here for GTI Lab Report on IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor.

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