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IGT Static Suppression Cartridges

Ionix Static Suppression Cartridge cutawayIonix Static Suppression Cartrdiges

The IGT Static Suppression Cartridge is designed to eliminate static inside pipe - either plastic or metal. It can be installed in any gas piping - at a gas well, in gathering lines at gas wells or landfills, in gas vent stacks, flare lines and in gas distribution piping.

What are the benefits of internal static suppression in gas piping?

Suppressing internal static will accomplish 3 goals.

  • It will prevent the buildup of static in your system that is the primary cause of ignition of leaking gas.
  • It will prevent shocks to workers through tools.
  • it will prevent electrostatic pinhole leaks.

How does it work?

When gas passes though the Cartridge the gas is made electrically conductive. Therefore any stray electrons can conduct back and rejoin molecules missing an electron.

When the Cartridge is initially installed, it dissipates any static present downstream in the system and then prevents any further static buildup.

Where is it installed?

Ioinx Static Suppression Cartridge at gate station

In can be installed at any point you want static suppression downstream of installation. However, remember that once untreated gas comingles with the Ionix treated gas static suppression is diminished to the degree untreated gas intrudes.

Ionix Static Suppression Cartridges have been installed on gas gathering lines, vent stacks, flare lines, methane extraction systems and gas distribution systems. Ionix Static Suppression Cartridges can be installed anywhere you want internal static suppression.

What is the length of its effectiveness in a system?

Ionix Static Suppression Cartridges are effective from the point gas passes through it to burner tip. Metal pipe has no detrimental effects on its ability to suppress static. Ionix Static Suppression Cartridges will also suppress static in metal piping. Only the gas that passes through the Ionix Static Suppression Cartridge is treated. If gas which has not gone through an Ionix Static Suppression Cartridge mixes with Ionix treated gas, static suppression is reduced to the extent that untreated gas mixes with the Ionix treated gas.

How is it installed?

Ionix Static Suppress Cartridges are introduced into the gas stream by way of a housing. The housing is installed at the point your want to begin static suppression in your system. The housing holds the Cartridge allowing the gas to pass through our Cartridge. For a basic explanation sheet on installation and maintenance CLICK HERE.

How is it sized?

Ionix Static Suppression Cartridges are sized based upon the pipe diameter and pressure at the intended installation point.

Ionix Static Suppression Cartridges are available in 2", 3", 4", 6", 8", 10" for pressures up to 1450 PSI.

For a basic explanation sheet of sizing Ionix Static Suppression Cartridges CLICK HERE.

How is it maintained?

Ionix Static Suppression Cartridges are replaced annually. When you are ready to replace the unit, we send you a Cartridge and you return the exhausted one to us for refurbishment.

In field test results to suppress internal static

Our static suppression cartridges were installed in actual residentlal delivery system by NICOR Labs. For a copy of their report CLICK HERE.

In field test results to suppress electorstatic pinhole leaks

One city installed our static suppression cartrdiges to stop electrostatic pinholes that were being created by static in their system. After installing our Ionix Static Suppression Cartridges in their system, pinhole leaks ceased indicating static was suppressed downstream of their installation. For a copy of their report CLICK HERE.