Ionix Gas Technologies specializes in static suppression in natural gas piping transporting gas from gas wellhead to local gas service

Ionix Gas Technologies' corporate mission is to make static electricity obsolete in fuel gas operations..

Please contact Ionix Gas Technologies if you have any questions about:

  • Preventing electrostatic pinhole leaks in PE pipe

  • Preventing PE pipe static shock to field workers

  • Preventing unexplained burnout of electronic service meters

  • Suppressing static in PE distribution systems

  • Preventing static ignitions at overpressure relief valves, vent stacks and emergency relief valves.

Since 2004, Ionix Gas Technologies has been providing innovative solutions for suppressing static electricity in natural gas piping. Our experience is in local gas distribution as well as natural gas E&P and landfill gas. Our products and explanations are organized according to those markets.

In order to determine 1. if we can help you and 2. what is the best product solution, we strongly encourage you to call us and explain your static problem. We'll make a recommendation based upon your input. If we don't feel we can help you, we'll direct you to resources better suited for you. All conversations and recommendations are confidential and without any obligation to proceed with any solutions we might suggest. Contact information is in the top right corner of the page or click the contact tab.

About Ionix Gas Technologies

Resources Ionix Gas Technologies provides and recommendations to solve your static issues.

Basics of static electricity in PE (and metal) pipe transporting gas from wellhead to local gas service

This section will give you a basic understanding of the physics of how and why static electricity occurs in your piping.

Static suppression products for local gas distribution companies

This section describes how our products can reduce static ignition risks in local gas distribution.

Static suppression products for E&P companies

This section explains how our products can reduce static ignition risks in natural gas production and gathering.

IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor

IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor is the the industry standard for temporarily suppressing static electricity on external PE pipe.

IGT Static Suppression Cartridge

The IGT Static Suppression Cartridge provides unique state of the art continuous internal static suppression in any natural gas piping.

Research on static in gas pipe

In order to understand our static suppression solutions, you must first understand the physics of static in piping. This section of information gives a quick overview of the static problem in gas pipe and includes a collection of research on static in PE pipe as well as IGT's educational resources.

IGT Products

Included here are all IGT products with specifications

Industry links

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