IGT Static Suppression for gas gathering applications


IGT Static Suppression Cartridges will prevent pinhole creation and static in plastic gas gathering lines

Pinhole leaks in your plastic gathering lines are caused by static buildup inside the gathering pipes. This static is created as gas passes through the pipe. Eventually the static charges become so great they arc through the pipe wall and actually burn a hole through the pipe wall because of the heat of the arcing static charge. We know of numerous instances where pinhole leaks in gathering lines that have caught on fire and burned away the plastic gathering pipe causing a runaway fire at a well.

Only interior static suppression can prevent this from occurring. We have successfully stopped pinhole leaks in plastic gas gathering lines.

Installing an Ionix Static Suppression Cartridge upstream of the pinholing will prevent future pinholing.

This problem is common in local gas distribution companies. We have installed our Ionix Static Suppression Cartridges in the lines throughout the US and have successfully stopped the pinholing in their plastic pipes.

For a more detailed explanation on pinholes in plastic gas pipe, click on the Research on static in gas pipe tab on left.

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IGT Static Suppression Cartridges will prevent static ignitions of gas present in vent stacks, flare line pipe, tank vents or when an overpressure valve is activated

Flame arrestors - IGT Static Suppression Cartridge should be installed in any pipe with a flame arrestor. If there is a flame arrestor in the line there is a possibility of an ignition. The probable source of that ignition will be static electricity.

Vent Stacks and Flare Lines - Vent stacks and flare lines can be sources of ignitions if static charges build up inside them. IGT Static Suppression Cartridges prevent static buildup inside these line greatly reducing the chances of dangerous ignitions or explosions.

If the vent has gases moving in both directions (due to emptying or filling), Ionix Static Suppression Cartridges automatically suppress static inside pipe in the downstream flow - whatever direction that is!

Tank Battery lines and vents - The IGT Static Suppression Cartridge can be installed in tank battery lines which develop internal static. Grounding is only sufficient if all the surfaces are electrically conductive. If you've experienced unexplained ignitions or explosions, they will have had an ignition source. The most likely root cause is static electricity generated inside pipe lines.

Relief valves - The IGT Static Suppression Cartridge installed upstream of an overpressure valve will prevent static buildup should the overpressure valve be engaged venting natural gas to atmosphere.

Ionix Static Suppression Cartridge in housing

Static electricity is generated INSIDE pipe moving gases
The Gas Research Institute’s research has determined that the friction of the movement of gases inside the pipe creates static electricity inside a pipe which can then ignite a gaseous mixture.

This can occur inside flare line pipe, vent stacks and tank vents. This static can arc, igniting a gaseous mixture. If you have a flame arrestor in a line, this proves the need for static suppression in that line because you acknowledge the possibility of a static ignition of gas. By installing an Ionix Static Suppression Cartridge in the line you dissipate the ignition source - static electricity - in those lines.

Gathering lines can also have static inside them. This is most evident by pinhole leaks in your gathering lines. Installing an Ionix Static Eliminator Caratridge in those gathering lines will prevent pinhole leaks and static shocks.

Grounding isn’t sufficient to prevent static buildup...
because you cannot guarantee EVERY metallic area has an electrical path to ground. Coatings, corrosion, and petroleum residues all can create electrically insolated barriers to grounding. These electrically isolated spots can build up static. Installing an Ionix Static Suppression Cartridge can suppress any residual static in your piping.

How to install Ionix Static Suppression Cartridges
Install Ionix Static Suppression housing in the pipe upstream of where you want to dissipate interior static. It works automatically by the force of the passage of gas through it.

How does the Ionix Static Suppression Cartridge work?
When gases pass through our cartridge, Ionix makes the gas itself electrically conductive, in effect grounding itself.. Therefore, there is no downstream build up of static inside the pipe once gas passes through the Ionix Cartridge.

IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor for gas production O&M and gas pipeline operations

IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor is designed to suppress static on surfaces on which it is sprayed. Any pipe surface being worked on should be sprayed with our IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor before initiating work on the pipe.

IGT Aerosol is a state of the art topical antistat specifically designed for the needs of the energy industry. Since it is a topical antistat it dissipates static immediately on contact. It is not necessary to keep the surface wet or to further ground the surface. The Aerosol continues to dissipate static even after it dries.

IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor

IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor Reach Tool

IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor Reach Tool allows you to apply our antistat from a safe distance. It has a extendable 8' non-electrically conductive pole. If your procedures require a fire suit, you should be using the IGT Reach Tool to dissipate static remotely.

IGT Aerosol Reach Tool