Videos pertaining to static in PE fuel gas pipe

Here is a compendium of videos relating to static in PE pipe. These are Windows Media Videos.

Click on the underlined title to view or download video or click the link to go to view on You Tube.


  • Static Electricity - Hazards and Controls. Click HERE for YouTube link
    This is the class taught by Dirk Smith, President of Ionix Gas Technologies, on static electricity in PE pipe. Explains what static electricity is, the 3 threats it creates, the 4 basics of static in PE pipe and the 5 most dangerous static ignition risks.


  • What causes pinholes in PE fuel gas pipe? Click HERE for YouTube link.
    This is a video of the presentation Dirk Smith, President of Ionix Gas Technologies was asked to make by the Louisiana Gas Association at the 2019 Louisiana Pipeline Safety meeting. It is a comprehensive review of the history, causes and prevention of pinhole leaks in PE fuel gas pipe.